Out of the blocks

As you can see, our website is now out of the blocks.

Let us know what you think of the site. Is there something you think looks a bit iffy or could do with tweaking?

We have developed a diverse following, from writers through to language learners and hope that there’s something of interest to all of you. We hope that our blog will appeal to as many of our readers as possible.

Our blog will be written by me, native English speaker and teacher, Daniel Sandford.


I am an avid traveller and partial to a slap-up meal as well. Each blog post will feature underlined words and a glossary below so that language learners can brush up on their vocabulary.

On Friday, I begin a three-week road trip with my wife and two children (ages 5 and 7), which I will strive to cover, providing that Wi-Fi is plentiful. Before the trip gets underway, a few loose ends need to be tied up here in Warsaw. So, it’s a short introduction from me but pop along to our blog tomorrow night to find out where I’m heading and what lies in store.


out of the blocks – has started running, has got going

iffy – something that is not very good

tweaking – changing / altering slightly

diverse – mixed

avid – devoted, passionate

to be partial to – to enjoy / like

slap-up meal – a large and tasty meal

brush up – improve (especially with languages)

strive – work hard to achieve a goal

cover – to write about or feature

plentiful – readily available

gets underway – starts

to tie up loose ends – to finish things that have been started

pop along – visit

heading – going

lies in store – lies ahead, awaits

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