About Us

Praski Publishing was founded in 2009 by George and Jan Sandford. They have

written and published over 80 e-books, many of which feature as the top rated in their

category on Amazon.


Additionally, Praski provides editorial and language services to companies in publishing,

education, banking, real estate, technology and fashion, among others.


The company now works with a strong team of dedicated experts in editing, correction

and translation, teaching and graphic design. Whatever your English language and

publishing needs, Praski is on hand to help.


At the start of 2016, Daniel Sandford and Juan Pablo Aranda came on board the Praski

Publishing team.


And if you’re wondering about the name, why Praski? Of course, there’s a story behind it.

When George and Jan first visited Warsaw in 2006, they stayed in the since gone Praski Hotel,

opposite Praski Park – home to Warsaw Zoo’s bears. The park also houses a large, metal

sculpture of a giraffe by Henryk Kuna. When they set up their publishing business, the name

seemed the obvious choice, and Praski the giraffe, the ideal logo and brand ambassador.