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English for Human Resources –

Cambridge English for Human Resources – George Sandford

Cambridge University Press

“Cambridge English for Human Resources is up-to-date, clear and provides a critical review of all the areas. This is a remarkable balance to be achieved.”

David Megginson, PhD, MSc, BSc, Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel Development, Emeritus Professor of Human Resource Development, Sheffield University Business School.


English for Human Resources – International Workshop Series

“Much more than a pure language workshop, the course gives examples of best practice and up-to-the-minute tools of the trade.”

Programme summary

A one, two or three-day English language workshop exploring the most important current themes in the HR profession, introducing essential terms and practising key skills. Each session seeks to answer fundamental questions about the topics presented.

Who should attend?

Human Resource Managers, Directors, Business Partners and Talent Managers working for companies where it is necessary to use English for HR and business purposes.

Course agenda

Day 1:

Employer branding – how can we clarify our employer brand and present it effectively across a range of touchpoints? – e.g. website, interview, etc.

Recruitment – how has recruitment changed in the past few years and how should HR departments respond?

Talent – what do we mean by talent and how can we attract and retain the best?

Employee engagement – how can we measure engagement and ensure that employees feel involved and committed?

Day 2:

The generation gap – do different generations require a different approach to management and motivation, such as the gamification of learning?

Performance management – what and how should we measure; are appraisal systems past their sell-by date?

Payment and reward systems – how can we optimise financial, non-monetary and flexible pay and incentives?

Working internationally – how can we understand and utilise cultural differences in an international business?

Day 3:

HR Web 2.0 – how can HR harness the digital age through technology, social media and self-service HR?

Business partnering – how can HR demonstrate its commercial awareness and add value to the business?

Single subject courses

Single subject or organisation programmes are also available on request, covering topics such as recruitment and selection, talent management, and performance review.


Course style

The style of the course is informal and interactive, drawing on best practice and real-life examples while giving delegates opportunities to discuss, present and practise language and skills acquired during the course.

Example of key takeaways

  • Vocabulary list of important words and terms
  • Examples of best practice from major companies
  • Example of an Employer Value Proposition Employer
  • Branding template
  • Recruitment trends survey data
  • Sample job boards and job advertisements
  • Talent development strategy model based on Harvard and MIT research
  • Example of Gallup Q12 employee satisfaction questionnaire
  • Guide notes on compensation and benefits
  • Summary of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions
  • Examples of how technology is transforming HR

The programmes combine deep subject knowledge, innovative learning methodology and practical application.

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George Sandford studied Business and Finance at Sheffield Hallam University (UK) and qualified with a Post Graduate Diploma with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development at Sheffield University Business School.  

After working as an HR Manager for a citywide NGO, he joined David Hall Partnership, specialising in working with small and medium-sized enterprises, providing advice and training for new business start-ups. He then worked on UK Government Department of Trade initiatives in Quality, Marketing and European Trade, introducing strategies based on David Hall’s BBC small business consultancy series, Hallmarks.

He has thirty years’ experience in his own business in management training and consultancy during which time he has trained approximately 50,000 people including board members and politicians, designed performance management systems affecting half a million people, and co-hosted seminars with Meredith Belbin (team roles), Honey and Mumford (learning styles), Megginson and Clutterbuck (mentoring).

In addition to Cambridge English for Human Resources, he has written numerous Amazon educational bestsellers (achieving highs of #28 Spain, #43 Brazil in all e-book sales, including fiction) and has been published extensively in human resources, business and English language magazines and publications globally.

He has delivered human resource workshops in locations around the world, such as London, Warsaw, The Hague and Shanghai.

I’m happy to know him because he’s a pleasure to work with and full of good ideas. What’s more, he likes to share his ideas, which is such a generous thing to do. George’s knowledge of HR issues is extremely deep and up-to-date. Combined with having a way with words, he’s the man to help you with your English for HR. I enjoy working with George and look forward to doing so for years to come 

Karin De Ruiter – Taaltrainingen – Netherlands

I worked with George first as Series Editor of his book, Cambridge English for Human Resources, and then as co-author of the trainer’s notes for his book. George proved himself a world-class expert in his field of HR, with very deep knowledge and understanding of all aspects of business and management. He is also a talented writer of materials both for language training and for professional skills development. I enjoyed working with him, and learned a lot about business, HR and people management in the process.

Jeremy Day – ELT writer, editor and consultant – UK/Poland

George is an expert on English for Human Resources. He is an imaginative writer, entertaining speaker and professional business partner. I have no hesitation in recommending him. 

Paul East – CEO – Pyramid Group – Germany

George is an excellent, hardworking and witty language coach and HR consultant. His deep knowledge of HR issues and ability to understand different corporate cultures allows him to be a real partner in conversation, not only language services delivery. His English teaching is like butter melting on toast. I highly recommend George and his services to one and all.

Maciej Krupa – HR Director Dimensions Data – Poland

George provided consultancy services to my local authority for both politicians and officers. He delivered excellent day seminars on appraisal, recruitment and interviewing skills. He quickly understood the culture of our organisation and was able to tailor his development activity to suit our style. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Jeff Bright – HR Director – Barrow Borough Council – UK