English for Interviews

English for Interviews



Essential reading for anyone preparing to be interviewed in English.



English for Interviews

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Subject: ESL (English as a Second Language)
Theme: Going for job interviews
Language Skill: Interview skills and language, vocabulary and comprehension, tenses, phrasal verbs, idioms
Content style: 10 chapters – preparing for interview and answering
interview questions

Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Age Group: 18+

Tests and answers: Yes
Suitable for self- study: Yes
Teaching material: Yes
Copiable: Yes – for teaching classroom purposes only

Target audience: Students, adults learning English, employees working in an
English speaking company, people looking for work in an English
speaking country, language teachers

Device compatibility: Best for PC, laptop, larger Kindles, ebook readers, tablets and smartphones, Apple and Android

A practical guide for non-natives to being interviewed in English. Lots of useful tips combined with language guidance on vocabulary, grammar, idioms and phrasal verbs as well as glossaries and tests. Essential reading for anybody preparing to be interviewed in English.


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